24 March 2010

about helena and bun...

Mandrake Drawing

My dear friend Helena and I did a trade awhile back. One of the items I gave her was a mandrake drawing postcard. I just absolutely love what she did with it. She makes the most wonderful perfumed oils and some very pretty jewelry (she sent gold plated scottie terrier earrings but I never had a chance with them, Nat snatched them pretty quick). She just recently began a new blog called About a Bun, a story of a rabbit who lives with two cats in a cosy burrow. She is learning to reconnet with her animal nature and dig her way into a happier, healthier and more natural lifestyle.

She has a couple of tutorials there like how to make henna and how to wet felt balls. She is starting to create adorable little felted goods too. Here are a few of her lovely things (you can click on her photos to see other pictures on her flickr):

Enchanted Forest Home

Little Fish

(of course, when Nat saw these she quickly said 'I want those, I want those!' like I knew she would).

Chariot Perfume Oil

Thank you Helena, for your friendship, your sweetness and being the best Country Story neighbor ever ;) ♥


Helena said...

Awwww...! That was such a sweet post! Thank you so much, Ada ♥. It was a pleasure to trade with you and I still have all your artworks framed and displayed on my bookshelves. It's the first room people see when they enter my house and they are always full of admiration for your talent. I hope we may be able to trade again one day :).

Anonymous said...

Oh, Helena sounds so sweet : I already saw her name here and there, and her blog is adorable :)
Hmm and why aren't I surprise that Nat wants the owl earings ? Why ?
x x x