25 March 2010

a spring for the sea

Spring is officially here and I don't know why this is, but every year at this time, my thoughts turn towards the sea. I have always been in love with the sea, its beauty, its depth, its mysteries. It seems there are so many stories to be told, to be taken, to discover. To say the least, the sea has inspired me in so many ways. It has brought to me various and delightful creatures (both real and mythical) to love and has guided my hand at times for drawings and scribbles.

It's magic has definitely worked on me in different ways as well. Years ago I created the livejournal group Octopi Party (I deleted the user name I was using so the group has a different moderator now) . I also watch from time to time their Seashores community, filled with oceanic wonders.

I am currently working on a few pieces that are sea themed and when they are done, I will share them here. For now, I'll give you a few other things like a new tumblr I have created, sea haunting (she was married to the sea). I am very happy that Mathyld and Marie-Josee of End of March (lovely artist, beautiful blogger and collector of pretty things) have joined me there to bring all the stories of the sea to you .

And now some sea inspirations in the form of etsy lovelies and a few posts from sea haunting:

Hippocampus Print

Ocean Adventure Print

ocean adventure by kathleen lolley

Best Friends Necklace

and a few things by me:

my little pirate owl...

my owl pirate, captain blackbeard


a photo box i made for a couple of natalie's photos

the stars are sinking

my first postcard ever

a little mermaid with octopus doll

sweet mermaid inspired by my daughter and the sea

underwater circus

underwater circus


my first stuffed creature, livi

gazing at the stars...

gazing at the stars inspired by 'the miraculous journey of edward tulane"

whale tales

whale tales

the narwhal and the sea sprites

the narwhal and the sea sprites

'keeper of the seas'
keeper of the seas


Anonymous said...

Ahoy !
I'm so glad to be part of this adventure and travel the seven seas, in a big old ship, with Marie-Josee and you !
And I'm a proud owner of one of your "first postcard ever" :D

x x x

Nicole Benjamin said...

andrea... your awesome! xo : )

andrea the pomegranates said...

both you ladies are the BEST!!! i'm so happy to have met you both through this big wide blogsphere world!

Caitlin said...

Andrea~ I love all of your art inspired by the sea, especially the little stuffed octopus. I just love little handsewn creatures!

Thanks for commenting on my blog, I am happy to know it is being
read and enjoyed. I'm off to visit more of your posts!