16 April 2010

at west end and a challenge maybe?

There are a lot of lovely, creative, eco friendly shops with amazing products made/built from sustainable resources and recycled items. A few years ago, a new catalog made it's way to our address and I was instantly in love. At West End has beautiful things, that are rustic and practical all at the same time.

We just got another catalog in the mail and I find myself wanting so many of it's lovelies. Here are a few (and i mean a few, they have a TON of things I like!):

100-10248 NEW: giacometti bird coat rack

350-10521 sitting mermaid

100-10148 NEW: Bee Skep

Okay, so I could go on with showing you photos but what I am going to do next will be slightly different. I'm still going to show you goodies but I think there are some very crafty and innovative individuals out there that might be able to replicate the following in a homemade, recycled, crafty kind of way. If you see these items and figure out ways for us every day folks, please share here (with link too). My mind is already scrambling on how I can make a couple of these items. I mean, not as nice or ritzy, but you know, in that humble 'I (We) made this' kind of way.

This is the item that got me thinking of 'hmmmm...maybe out of some sort of carton with old hanger wires or maybe still using a glass jar or..'

'using stick and branches Nat and I have gathered and a bit of cloth...'

455-10579 NEW: three bottle sanctuary
'We already save a bunch of glass bottles...maybe if i found a cool crate thing or something at a thrift store? Well, maybe not but if I knew woodworking...'

'nice idea for a family outing, gathering and craft perhaps...'

'Some one who is really crafty, talented and has all the right resources...'

455-10580 NEW: bottle yard stakes
'again with the glass bottles and sturdy sticks we find...'

So I will force myself to stop here and to point out that in know way am I trying to undermine the talents of the craftsmen or the store. I think the shop and it's good are brilliant and would love to buy everything in stock if I could. It's just that I always have this wheel turning in the back of my head for crafts Nat and I could do together or things I could make with my surrounding resources (fallen branches, rocks, other nature items, etc.) and out of used products (jars, bottles, cartons, boxes, etc.) into a great recycled item.

I love looking around, finding cool projects and ideas and posting them to Believing Nature (where all credit is to the blog/blogger/website where I find what I share). There are some very amazing mommas out there that are guiding their children in a knowledge of loving and respecting nature and the earth. If I may, I would like to mention a few here (by their blog name):

Of course, there are plenty other natural and crafty folks out there. I am constantly on the look for new blogs (which I have found a few new jems!) and adding them to my Google Reader. I admit, it is hard keeping up with so many that I sometimes I have to unsubscribe, subscribe again, unsubscribe, well you get the idea.

I will be posting something similar at Believing Nature and probably tweet this on my herb and flower twitter to see if anyone would be interested in a new task to discover :)


Nicomi "Nix" Turner said...

What a great post! Love that mirror. I'd love to try that with other objects!

andrea the pomegranates said...

i'm so glad you like it and i would love to see what you could do with that :)

Nicole Benjamin said...

Andrea, I was reading your post and came to the drift wood vases/tea light holders and started thinking hmmm... I could make that lol and then a few lines down you were talking about the same : ) love that! I have been finding little bits and pieces of driftwood and now I know what I will do with it! xoxo

oh,henry! said...

i love all about this post, wonderful ideas!

Courtney said...

You know there's a little project in Country Living this month where they simply wrap a nice thick twine around a group of 9 old milk bottles. It has a very similar feel to the bottles in the wooden stand. I bet with some experimentation you could concoct many of these projects on your own!

I've never seen this catalog before, but it certainly is inspiring. Thanks so much for sharing!

Lisa said...

Oh my gosh, LOVE those owls! The little stick girl is really cool too. Great ideas Andrea and what a cool company. Going to find them now online.......

BTW, we spent a lot of time on your different sites looking at your artwork last night. I can't believe the inspiration you have triggered in Fauna....."Yep, Andrea is my favorite artist!" You now beat out Frida Kahlo in her eyes! She photo copied her drawing from yesterday to package up for you. ;)

Have a great weekend!

Linda said...

I have really so enjoyed scrolling down reading your blog post. The photos are amazing, I especially like the glass jar bird feeder, so beautiful and I imagine, quite easy to make:) Thank you for all of this inspiration!

S and O said...

wow what loveliness -- I like that mermaid! :)