16 April 2010

end of the week things...

It's friday, the day is bright, sunny with the slighest spring chill. I've been meaning to share a few things so, let me start with these...

I mentioned before that Nat and I went to the local thrift shop and brought back a few things. I wanted her to model her goodies but the camera was still a little fuzzy. I did get a few photos before she quickly got ready to hang out with her buddies that day.

One of the items she got was this cute rust colored top. Actually, it's not a top, it's a size 4T dress but it fits so good as a little apron type top with pockets included.

Her favorite find was a pair of brown clogs. Every time she comes with me to the shop she looks for shoes that she can get but never finds anything her size. She jumped up and down when I said she could get the shoes (they were five bucks and I believe the one item that was the most 'expensive'). She also scored on another sleeveless summery top, a pretty brown and beige floral but like I said, she had things to do, people to be with... ;)

Another thing we did was finally planting a sequioa seed from a kit Rick had bought us a couple of years ago. It came with the cutest illustrated instructions and was very simple to do.

Our little seed is in the fridge to simulate 'winter' so that it can sprout. It's 'cold stratification' and will be there for a few weeks before it's time to take it out. Nat made sure that one, we put a warning sign on the little greenhouse (WARNING: a tree is growing, please do not remove until May 2nd) and two, that we mark it on the calender complete with a little tree drawing on the day.

>I've been wanting to make things, do some crafty stuff and draw more. I have one drawing done already but I am waiting until I complete a second one with the same theme to present it here. I did make Nat and I bracelets using hemp twine and various (and some vintage) buttons that has been given to me.

The above is my bracelet (which I've been wearing since) with five buttons. I made Natalie's with three round buttons of which you can see two here.

With Earth day coming up, I am thinking of several ideas we can do. She does have a softball game that day so I'll have to squeeze them before and after the game. We are going to do an Earth hour which is something I've been wanting us to do more of.


the wild magnolia said...

Loved the thrift finds and planting a tree.

How do I make a hemp bracelet? Very cool. I have no clue. : )

Thanks, magnolia

Helena said...

Another lovely post! Nat is growing more and more beautiful every day. I hope the tree flourishes... those instructions ARE cute :).

Lisa said...

Love the bracelet.
I linked your mudcakes today!

Courtney said...

What cute little shoes! I would love to find a pair like that in my size.

andrea the pomegranates said...

wild magnolia--for the bracelets i just gathered about six strings of the twine because it's thin, tied them all at one end together leaving the loose end a little long. i separated them in threes (two strands, three sections). i just started to braid and when i liked the location, would slip a button down one of the strings (usually from the middle section) and then continue to braid. when i finished up, i gathered all the strands and tied them all up together again, also leaving the ends loose (so basically, i cut the strings a lot longer than what the actual bracelet would be). lastly, i took both ends and tied them together a couple of times making sure the knot was strong.

okay, i hope that was good enough, i tend to ramble on :)

andrea the pomegranates said...

courtney--i know, i love how rugged the brown looks too.

lisa--yay for mudcakes (and nice mail too)!

helena--i'm totally into those instructions! i need to take this inspiration and turn it into something! :)