10 April 2010

inuit art and inspiration

With keeping in content of the previous post, I wanted to share some beautiful inuit art and crafts and some inspired by (click on photos for link and credit)...

Art RR 11.3.2009
from Rainmelonpie
Inuit art, birds
Nikotai Mills, Mother owl shelters young

original agnes nanogak (1925-2001), an esteemed canadian Inuit artist.

Inuit art
Minneapolis Institute of Art.

My books: An illustration in Inuit Women Artists
My books: An illustration in Inuit Women Artists

The Inuit Sea Goddess
The Inuit Sea Goddess taken at the Native American Art Museum in Toronto

Inuit Myth: Creation of Sea Mammals
Inuit Myth: Creation of Sea Mammals by Jacqueline Kari

Inuit Art Birds - Illustrious Owl
Illustrious Owl by Kenojuak Ashevak. Lithograph.

Inuit Ivory and basket
Inuit carved ivory and imbricated grass basket

Inuit girl in her native costume
Inuit girl in her native costume


Yua, Spirit of the Arctic
Yua, Spirit of the Arctic

Esky girl back from fishing
Esky girl back from fishing by Patrick Gildersleeves

in the style of inuit packing toys
in the style of inuit packing toys by Margie Oomen

and my favorite, also by Margie Oomen:


saimanaq with a medicine bundle

saimanaq on ressurection fern


Jana said...

So sweet wonderful little artworks!!

Anonymous said...

Being half Canadian, Inuit culture is very dear to me.
And your finds are dreamy, thanks for sharing, Ada !
x x x

Jennifer said...

oh my goodness thanks for posting all these. i love them!

Margie Oomen said...

i am truly honored to be part of such an amazing post.
My favorite inuit artist is here Kenojuak Ashevak.

the wild magnolia said...

I am always glad to hear of the indian culture. They lost so much of what was first theirs.

The Inuit little girl is lovely dressed in her native attire.

The art is so beautiful.

Thanks for sharing all.

sarahblank said...

Beautiful image selection! I love the sea goddess. We have a series of 12 inuit lithos on our walls. I often wonder who the artist was.
These are so pretty and earthy though. And there's something about them so fabulously modern and and the same time ancient.

Heather said...

wow! these are amazing! I love the texture and pattern they use.

Earth Mama said...

Beautiful. beautiful. beautiful! Those are absolutely amazing renderings of owls and other great native images. We LOVE this type of artwork at our house and the history and nobility behind it all! So wonderful to stumble over here. Thanks for stopping by Earth Mama.


andrea the pomegranates said...

i hope that i will continue to let the beauty of their history and art inspire me in my creativity and in my thoughts as well...

thank you all for leaving such great comments. i'm so happy you enjoyed the post :)

artnoise said...

These are wonderfull. Ive been exploring alot of indigenous pattern in my illustration recently. Inuit/Navajo/Aboriginal Australian.
Ill add some of it up shortly.