24 April 2010

pyramid inspirations...

happy/thankful for...

+ flower fairy portraits and a stick bug portrait (twigs and googly eyes!) Nat made for her teacher
+ earth day; making coffee ground fossils with leaf imprints with Natalie and lighting candles at night for a little earth hour before sleep
+ finding more and more inspiration, through people, through lives and through stories
+ sending treats to a very creative and nature loving family and being the giver of inspiration to a sweet fauna
+ making a little change of my own and changing finding moths in my pockets to ursula the bear (for more sentimental and creative reasons) and liking the 'stories' I find to share there
+ a text message from my husband telling me how much he appreciates the things I think to do with our daughter ♥
+ winning my first team challenge with Indie Free Spirits, getting a little goodies in the mail as a prize and having my etsy shop badge and interview posted on both the Indie Free Spirits Team blog and on Mermaid's Closet
+ drawing a lot more (again) and finishing the above untitled piece. I still do not know what to title it but I will share that it was inspired by Mathyld and her decision to become 'under the pyramids'


Anonymous said...

OOoooh Ada ! I think I might hed some tears ... This is so so beautiful !
♥ ♥ ♥
I am glad that I could inspire you such a wonderful illustration ...

And this text from your husband is a gem. Your family is a dream.
And of course I love "Ursula the Bear" (both the name and the place) !
x x x

Jessica said...


Lisa said...

Andrea, Fauna is so touched that you linked her site! :) Thank you! We so admire you and are inspiration to us daily!

I was just having coffee with my little sister Robin and talking about what an amazing artist you are.

Thanks for the link love!

Hope you are feeling well,

Drucilla Pettibone said...

i absolutely adore your new piece! and i'm so glad there are so many good things happening in your world!!

Missa said...

I love this illustration too, you are so talented.

andrea the pomegranates said...

BIG hearts to you all!!!