27 April 2010

who wants to build a tepee with me?

I have this urge to make tepees whether it's small, in craft form or large where we can all climb in, play games, draw and tell stories. Either way I want in, how about you?

Erecting the tepee

Tepee decoratons

Tepee decoratons

other links:

I am sure there are many more....if you know of any, please share!

If I ever get started with actually making a big teepee I should start some some sort of group like 'Teepees in the City" or something...that's just me thinking out loud :)


Nicole Benjamin said...

Andrea, do you realize I just built a tepee for my children in our back yard! It is amazing, oh how I wish you were here to paint it beautifully for us! I strongly suggest one for your house too! Our entire family has been spending evenings curled up with lots of blankets and cats (!) under the stars in our tepee : ) xo

moonshinejunkyard said...

oh man, my backyard would be so so perfect for a homemade teepee this summer!

encorepetite said...

I would love to build a tee-pee with you !!!
In your garden, or in my living-room ...
Then we'd have tea-parties and craft-sessions all day !
This whole "distance issue" makes me really sad sometimes ...

x x x

Milla said...

Fun! Your kids would love it!

I've been looking for a teepee to put in our back woods for a while now. I'm seriously considering making it myself and you have just nudged me further.

Violet Folklore said...

Wow, neat! In nevada City there have been a number or Tepee constructed lately in celebration of the local Maidu people (and lots of rich hippie folks around here have one on their own private land too!).