28 April 2010

small city carnival

2010-04-24 19.40.13.jpg

2010-04-24 19.50.09.jpg

2010-04-24 20.18.04.jpg

2010-04-24 20.19.10.jpg

2010-04-24 21.02.04.jpg

2010-04-24 21.27.58.jpg

2010-04-24 21.29.05.jpg

last week the carnival was in town
the place was filled with children's laughters and excited screams
hipster kids in herds or embraced in teenage romance
local bands playing originals between pop culture covers
bright lights all around
popcorn, cotton candy and other foods being munched on
smiles and hugs from our kids recognizing other kids from around town
all in all, a fun time to be out, to with friends and family....


the wild magnolia said...

Splendid. Ferris wheel, merry round, my favorites. Family time and great fun.

moonshinejunkyard said...

i love the twirly spinny energy of these pictures! i so wish our town was big enough to get a traveling carnival but we just get the county fair once a year. that's fun too i spose! looks like a great time.

Anonymous said...

I want to goooooo! I guess I'll have to wait. Boo!

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

I have just been thinking about carnival! We live near a vintage '70s amusement park that is a bit of a wonder (why for instance is it still open?) but I love to photograph it, and it opens this weekend, weather permitting. Can't wait!