08 June 2010

a thank you note


I can not express enough the thankfulness and appreciation I have for all of you left me your heart felt comments on the last post. My eyes welled up with each read and my heart swelled as I read the amount of honesty that you have all brought to me as well. You are all beautiful people and I am filled with gratitude for all of you. It's people like you that continue to help me trust that there are true hearts that live around us everywhere. So, with that said, again and again and again, I thank you all...


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the wild magnolia said...

Don't know how I missed your last post. No matter now. I went back a read it.

Being open and sharing is good for us. Clears out the cobwebs. Helps us release some on the energy.

Being open is sometimes difficult for others. This is a good place to share what you are feeling and facing in life. When you want and are ready.

I'm fairly new at blogging, November 2009, and I am constantly amazed and encouraged by the wonderful women who blog. They are so filled with encouragement and help.

Wishing you a happy day!

Thanks for sharing.