30 June 2010

walk for fun, walk for life

The Liver Walk Newport Beach was this past Saturday. Rick's family has been participating every year since the passing of his Uncle Phil. This was the second time we were a part of it and it was a blessing in so many ways.

The day was overcast and started a bit chilly.  Some of the walks, I believe are 5K but this was about a mile long. There were plenty of complimentary snacks and drinks (yay for Pirate's Booty and REvolution 3D!) along with bagels, fruit, and other snacks. After the walk, we had a picnic along the shore, watched the kids swim, ate and relished in the cool of the day and the late coming sun. 

The first time we walked with the family, it was at the San Diego Zoo. That walk was amazing and had a lot of people participating. The family came last year to this one at Newport Beach and really loved that it was a bit downsized and laid back. I didn't know that the kids would be swimming but fortunately there were enough towels to go around to help our drenched daughter. :) 

We had little ones there too, like my one year old nephew and my three year old niece (who definitely knows how to hold her own next to the bigger kids).

Truly a great day, of remembering, of family and of relaxing too...

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