08 July 2010

more curling time!

Okay, I had to include the first photos from our curling endeavor. She gave me whatever curlers she wanted and I just rolled them all in. Afterwards, we tied my Grandmother's handkerchief on her head and waiting for the results. Here, the whole process is recorded :)

The next morning. You can tell that the bottom rollers didn't survive the night much but the top ones did. This photo doesn't nearly show how estactic she was, but it will do ;)


Teenysparkles said...

how cute! pretty little gal.

Mama Teaching 2 said...

I always loved to have my Gma roll my hair in those soft rollers. Oh the memories. :)

Little White Paw said...

Aw! Beautiful! I always love remembering getting my hair curled by my mom and grandma when I was a child. So fun!