08 July 2010

curlers, doctor visits, miniature golf and a retro camera (sort of)

This week has been an up and down week so far. There have been some good days and some not so. Tuesday was one of those days. The morning came and with it another attack leading to the inevitable ER visit. At least this time, the ER doctor got on the phone with my GI's office demanding why I haven't gone to USC yet. It worked. I had a consultation today and will be having several different tests done, hopefully within the next month. It was a little tough though, only because I really do try to have a handle on it all with the knowing that no matter what, this is all in His hands. Somedays, I find myself not as strong, not on my own at least and letting this whole thing kind of way heavily upon my mind and heart. At first I thought hearing an MD say this is a strange or unusual case was a bit amusing in some way. After you hear more than a handful say it, it can wear you a bit thin.

So that was that. In between all of this was some very nice family moments. Like movie night being moved to Wednesday and putting curlers in Nattie's hair. She looked so cute and vintage too and I loved every bit of it. After our trip from my consultation, we made a couple of trips with the last at Golf N' Stuff.  I uploaded an app on my phone earlier in the week called Retro Camera and love it so much! I'm taking almost every picture with it so please bear with me all the following photos ;)

waiting at the doc's office on wednesday to take a blood allergy panel test

waiting room

later that day getting some boba beverages

smile for boba!

it's curler time!

oh how we love it!

a work in progress

waiting at the USC Cardiothoracic department

waiting still

Golf N' Stuff!

a little train ride before we headed home.

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