14 August 2010

a few days in the gaslamp quarters

Last weekend Nat and I went with my parents to a timeshare in San Diego. I've been there plenty of times and it is always a beautiful and pleasant experience but this was my first time Downtown. We stayed in the Historic Gaslamp Quarters and I was in love...

2010-08-06 18.18.36

2010-08-07 10.16.15_San Diego_California_US

2010-08-06 18.48.01

2010-08-06 19.22.08

2010-08-07 10.17.00_San Diego_California_US

2010-08-07 10.18.21_San Diego_California_US

2010-08-07 10.19.03_San Diego_California_US

2010-08-07 10.19.17_San Diego_California_US

2010-08-07 10.20.39_San Diego_California_US

2010-08-07 10.20.48_San Diego_California_US

2010-08-07 10.21.27_San Diego_California_US

2010-08-07 10.21.53_San Diego_California_US

2010-08-08 14.22.16

2010-08-08 14.29.15

Friday night we walked about a mile from where we were staying to the Fish Market on Harbor. It was such a nice night to walk, alive with people everywhere but not to the point where it was crowded. Here are a few sights we saw on along the way...

2010-08-06 19.41.58

2010-08-06 19.44.43

2010-08-06 19.50.002

2010-08-06 19.50.401

at the fish market, san diego

Needless to say, she had the Teriyaki chicken ;)

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