02 August 2010

sweet friends and favorite things

kitty and jean-luc
This is Kitty and Jean-Luc, my most recent listing in the shop. I was pretty excited to try a scene I've never really done before with two wildly different friends. I imagine them finding solace and respite in one another in a secret place away from all the world.

agnes and beatrice
I also introduce you to Agnes and Beatrice. I've been mulling around the idea of some creature friends who live in the South. I imagine them living in and around one of those magnificent plantation houses surrounded by trees and marsh. I see the house filled with vintage wallpapers and delightful antiquities and outside, willow trees and lush vegetation hiding secret places for them to wander and explore. Or at least, something like that :)

And now, a few (personal) projects at hand:
  1. a diary
  2. a place for letters
  3. bygone inspirations
1. Because sometimes I just need that one extra place that fulfills my needs in a different kind of way. Apart from everything else, so I can pour, vent, share.

2. Because letter writing is an art I do not want forgotten and I want to share that with friends and everyone else. Like an old vintage box where letters, diaries, and photos are shared from more than just one person. If interested, please email me. The more the merrier!

 3. Because I like old things and art nd I know I am not alone.

And a few favorite things as well:
  1. tweets of old 
  2. cherries and blueberries
  3. charles spurgeon tweets
  4. playing solitaire and freecell on my phone (with the occasional cribbage game as well)
  5. hopscotching and playing ping pong in the backyard
  6. iced jasmine green tea with apple juice
  7. pj deciding to chirp and sing at the most inopportune times (but still sweet and cute)!
  8. the best summer weather ever!
  9. manila drawing papers
  10. natalie playing 'guitar' and glass bottles with a stick, serenading in my room to raise money for her laptop (yes, my mom said they would save up to get her one for christmas)...


Anything but Bland said...

i LOVE your background and your little drawings! I am a new follower!

return the favor? Also, you should enter my giveaway! :)

love, polly

敬周喜 said...


Anything but Bland said...

gosh I just love love love your artwork! I agree with being pen pals! Double full pen pals all the way! ♥

teach me your ways? :)

love, polly

Milla said...

I of course love the girl with her bear ;)