19 August 2010

yetis and little things wrapped in twine

Summer has been crazier than I anticipated. I have so many more photos to share and I am trying to catch up with everything. Today I will actually share what we did today (as opposed to waiting a whole week or so). Natalie has not forgotten about The Yeti Club and is eager to begin it again. We did a few yeti portraits using good old fashioned chalk on black paper. I would love to put these up in rustic looking white frames!

yeti club portraits

Here is my mister yeti with Natalie's help with the face
yeti club portraits

Her family of yetis and a solo portrait as well.
yeti club portraits

Today was also a sweet mail day as I received a little package from my dear friend Helena. She sent me samples of her wonderful natural perfumes including three big sizes of Mandragora (for our Nocturne Flora line), Nyctanthous and Midwinter. It is really hard deciding which are my favorites. They really are distinct and separate from each other but I will say she hit the mark with sending me these three biggies, love!!

faunfare goods!

I love surprises wrapped in brown paper and twine.
faunfare's mandragora scent
Mandragora, instantly a favorite...

Hopefully within the next day or so, I will share photos from our visit to Tanaka Farms yesterday. I  also have a few sketches I've done throughout the month I liked to share as well. Summer has been busy, but I am glad to have revamped the blog (again) and the littlebighead website. I truly am happy with the result now, and I hope you like it too. 


Anything but Bland said...

thanks for the link dear! you're the best!

love, polly :D

Helena said...


I'm so thankful that some of my last bottles got to go to a dear friend and vigilant supporter :).

mathyld ▲under the pyramids▲ said...

Eeek ! Helena is truly talented and I love your common project. I wondered what became of it ... So, yay !

Also, I love the re-vamp of the sites. Very classy !
x x x