28 September 2010

autumn, you may let go of summer now

Autumn is officially here in technicality but not in weather. Yesterday the Los Angeles area set an all time record high (it was 112 degrees out here). I've started my walks again in the mornings but it's crazy that at 8 o' clock in the morning it's already in the '80's. Before I really begin to boil here in the house and set out to do some errands for dual purposes (1. to get some things done. 2. to find some relief in air conditioned places), I wanted to share a few things first:

This is not the greatest scan but just to share. Here is a piece that was commissioned to me by a old friend. It's a 'portrait' of her and her husband and it's in celebration of their recent anniversary. I really enjoyed doing this for her and doing it in just black india ink. I think I need to do some more work like this!

We went to one of my absolute oldest childhood friend's wedding a couple of weekends ago. It was such an amazing celebration. She is Ethiopian and being a witness to how they celebrate weddings is such a refreshing experience. This was actually my third Ethiopian wedding I attended but the first for Rick and Nat. He mentioned how this was the first wedding he has been to in a long time that didn't feel like a funeral. I was so happy to be there and to see a few other old time childhood friends. I didn't get to take photos because my camera's battery was low but I did manage a few shots of Natalie prancing down the steps of the church they got married in.

One of my favorite local places to visit is the Grand Californian Hotel in Downtown Disney. The architecture is in the Arts & Crafts style that Rick and I are completely drawn to. The place really is grand and I never get tired of being amazed when looking at the ceiling. I may find myself going there alone during the day for drawing, inspiration and respite. I really encourage looking up the link to really see how amazing this place is.

Other things to share (that are also on my pinterest):

More later, but now time to move on....


Sophia said...

WOw, what a great post filled with all kinds of fun and goodies! :) Thanks for sharing it all with us. I think your scan turned out fine. LOVE your sketches. Absolutely ADORE your header one. How inspiring. :)

mathyld ▲under the pyramids▲ said...

I'm so glad you loved the book !

This anniversary drawing is a treasure ... I love it !
And this ceiling ? Oh my ! I want to go there !
Oh ! And of course, Nat is utterly adorable !

x x x

Courtney said...

I adore the anniversary portrait!! Oh my goodness, I really love it. If and when Ethan and are ever at the point where we're ready to invest in a portrait, I will seriously be in touch. Really, I've never connected with a couple's portrait like I do this one!

Ada looks beautiful, as usual! She wears polkadots so well.

Here's hoping you get your taste of fall weather asap. Take care Andrea!