28 September 2010

lovelies from milla

It's always nice to receive mail and packages and I was very thrilled when I got one from the lovely Milla. I had won a giveaway on her blog and these are the lovely things she sent me:

The giveaway was a poster her husband designed. Along with this, she also sent:
  • three blouses
  • a floral dress (and/or top also)
  • a vintage smock
  • a dovekins album 
  • a vintage book 'nature through the seasons'
  • a leather butterfly hair pin
  • a delightful framed art work (I wish I could remember the artist. she told me in her letter but I put it away and can't remember where I placed it)
  • navy blue saltwater sandals for Nat
  • a very pretty feather!
I feel very blessed but all this niceness sent my way. The album is awesome, the artwork from the vintage book is amazing, my favorite new little top is the floral dress and I love when Nat gets a little something too! Oh, I also forgot, she sent me a blast from the past with a Care Bears mug complete with hear tshaped handle! Of course that now belongs to Nattie too. Thanks so very much Milla!!

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moonshinejunkyard said...

oh my goodness, everything is amazingly beautiful! milla really knows how to do a girl up right! that floral smocked-top dress is sooooo incredibly lovely. and so are the blouses, each one is perfect! i bet nat looks cute in her saltwaters too. sweet packages make the whole world nice.