04 September 2010

tree fruit friends, an underwater treasure hunter and a ghost party

Fall is approaching and I am looking forward to having moments to grow creatively. Sometimes I have ideas for things that take a long time to 'be' and other times I can get it out quickly. Lately I've been feeling myself head back into when I first began littlebighead on etsy, the whole feel that I was having then. I am grateful to be able to say that I have seen progressions when it comes to my art. Because of these progressions, it's nice to visit familiar feelings and bring it about in a new way.
With all this said, I have put up two listings that are actually some of the first illustrations I did once littlebighead was started.  A lot of the illustrations that I did during this time I had digitally colored and used for buttons I once sold. Others just became a part of illustrations I had up on flickr. Now I am bringing some of those out from the archives so to speak, coloring them in and offering them in the shop. The first two that I am offering are my 'Bartlett Pear and Golden Apple'. I always thought these where sweet and shy and has been an all time favorite of mine. The next is 'You are invited' that features a girl I named Violie with a few ghostly pals. She brings an invitation to come along to a friendly ghost party complete with cake! It's really nice to see these pieces colored by hand and in the shop.
The last piece I included in the shop today is 'She collects all the pretty treasures'. Mermaids are a constant love and I have done them several different ways. This one especially speaks to me because you can not judge the coldness of her heart being a mermaid and all. She appears fair and sweet but also aloof. She collects pretty and forgotten treasures and adorns herself in with her favorite finds. Of course, a mirror is one in which to admire herself in. I like how she chooses to use a tea cup as a hat. :)


mathyld ▲under the pyramids▲ said...

That mermaid is the sweetest !
I want her necklace :)
x x x

Courtney said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I love them all, but the ghostly party most of all. What a dreamy soiree.

Anything but Bland said...

you are so inspirational! I just linked this blog to mine! check it out! also, I sent you a letter yesterday :)

love, polly

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rebekka said...


I just found your blog today and wanted to let you know that your artwork is wonderful, just wonderful. SO precious~!