03 September 2010

friday's a hoot!!

Today I received my hootenanny trade package from the awesome Lisa of 5 Orange Potatoes! She sent Natalie and I two custom hootenannies that we are so pleased and honored to have! She also makes other cute critters made from upcycled materials and sells in her etsy shop.

Since I've started blogging here a couple of years ago, I have met some truly wonderful and genuine people. Lisa is one of those people I have been blessed to get to know. Her blog is one of my favorites! It's so beautiful & creative, filled with natural wonders, science, the great outdoors and family. Her daughters are sweet little dears that are in the making of becoming two truly wonderful persons themselves.

We had been organizing a little trade for awhile and I am so happy we did. Her eldest daughter Fauna, took a particular interest in my artwork and Lisa shared with me how much it inspired her. I can not express how much this warm and gladdened my heart! Art is so much of who I am, so much apart of me and for anyone to like what I do is always a great compliment. When a child takes to my art, it takes it to a whole different level of happiness!

In the package we received a hootenanny for each of us: a brown and purple owl for me and a pink one for Natalie. Since I have begun watching one of my favorite shows of all time again, I've decided to name mine Lorelai (yes, of Gilmore Girls fame)! Natalie is going through a major Disney Channel love and so named hers Hannah Montana :)

Along with our owls was a cute little flirty rock girl I've named Cheeky because she just says 'cute & cheeky' to me! There was also a tiny little real rock complete with googly eyes made by her youngest Araina. She sent peppermint and lemon balm for tea and a herbal mix of plantain, clover & calendula to mix with a carrier oil for the skin (can't wait)!  
The best part was an original drawing by Fauna herself. How sweet is this sleepy little dear in a tree, surrounded by toadstools and stars! There is even a sweet little hedgehog 'hiding' in the corner but I found him! This is such a blessing and privilege to have, truly.

Last but not least, was a handmade pink coneflower for Natalie's hair. I promptly put it on her and of course, she looks adorable in it! More adorable too, when taking photos with her new Hannah!
Lorelai and Hannah are most welcomed by us and our little handful of handmade owls. Here Lorelai says 'cheese' with my handmade owl Bourbon along with Serena, my handmade owl by Mathyld. :)

Thank you so very dearly Lisa. It's a honored to get to know you and your family and am blessed to be able to get to know you more and more ♥


mathyld ▲under the pyramids▲ said...

Cuteness alert !!! What a sweet gathering of owls !
And you know how much I love Gilmore Girls, too ♥

This drawing is pretty amazing, too !
x x x

moonshinejunkyard said...


and...if nat ever sees "mikey" on disney 365, that's my bro!