28 October 2010

thursdays are for winners or the name I pulled out of a cauldron

 I've always liked Thursdays. I suppose it's because it's not quite yet the weekend but it's sort of a precursor to it (since Friday is the weekend in my book). I've always been partial to it. Maybe because I like the way it sounds, the way it is spelled. Today is also the day I randomly selected who will have my littlebigDead drawing. I wrote all the entries on the same paper type as the drawing, folded them up and tossed them all into Natalie's little plastic cauldron. I sang Mary Had A Little Lamb (true story) while the pieces tossed and when I was finished reached in and pulled out a name...
 Lela!!! You have won the darling skeleton girl! I will be emailing you today for your address!
 In other news, this week has been a trying week in several different ways. At the moment I am battling a nasty cold that delights in keeping me up at night, imparting aches in my body and making my throat and voice scratchy and gross. I'll load up on some tea and perhaps a hot toddy later. I'm working on sketches for a commission and I still have a ton of different ideas of things to do. It just always seems like something gets in the way and believe me, this cold thing is not helping.

I've also realized that Natalie and I haven't done any Halloween crafts this year. I can't believe it but I know why. This year is the busiest we've ever had now that she is in Fall Softball and in Girl Scouts. Oh, and let's not forget that she has homework too now. Hopefully we will have a chance to begin on her Cemetery Scene in a box that I already painted all black in the inside. She wants to make graves, zombies and mummies. I have a few ideas but the rest we will have to wing it. I also painted another box all black inside for when I create our little home theatre in it but more on that later.

I've revised the look of not only The Black Hare but of Magpie Apples too, now. I have a few updates for the Hare and eventually at Magpie too but I can't over do it. Too many other things to get to along with not stretching myself out thin while my body is weak...

Until next time....For Lela, I am very excited to be sending a post to you, all the way in Estonia!


gardenmama said...

congratulations lela!
andrea, i hope you are feeling well soon and that you will enjoy a lovely weekend! (the little animal stone is STUNNING!) xo

Sophia said...

Congrats to Lela. What lovely gifts. Hope you are feeling well soon!

Anonymous said...

I hope you are soon well, too. Good health is important.

And thank you very much! I'm happy that I won the drawing. I have never won in blog give-aways before so this is special for me. Thanks again!

Helena said...

Congratulations to Lela! What a wonderful gift it is to own a piece of your art :).