21 January 2011

A little stylish award for me, thanks!

I have been given a Stylish Blogger Award from Blue Terracotta (thanks so much Laura)! So in keeping tradition of the award, I share with you seven things about myself and fifteen recently discovered blogs...
  1. I have an affinity for lively Indian music and always dance to the theme song from Outsourced.
  2. I do not like spiders but I do love the intricate patterns from spiderwebs.
  3. I am thankful for the opportunity to be childlike again when I am with my daughter.
  4. I like silhouette art but have a very strong dislike for actual silhouettes (not art) of people (it bothers me when I can not see someone's face).
  5. I've been forgetting my actual age since 31 (who doesn't right?!) For the record, I'm 32. I know that because my friend just corrected me in a comment below (I originally put 33, geesh)!
  6. I once was a tiny little thing and am working on getting healthy again for myself and my family (maybe not so tiny but small enough)!
  7. Very random something about me, I once met Elijah Wood at a Gogol Bordello concert. I was a tad tipsy (yes, a tad!) and went up to him, rubbed his shoulder and said "I am so happy that you are here". He smiled and laughed and said "I'm happy to be here too!" ;P
Now, even though I am downsizing, here are fifteen recently blogs I've 'found' that are quite enjoyable!
  1. An Apple a Day
  2. Anna Emilia
  3. Carson Ellis
  4. Cooking with my Kid
  5. Dutch Drift
  6. Just something I made
  7. Kate Blake
  8. Le Petit Echo Malade 
  9. MousesHouses
  10. Seven Spoons
  11. Simple Village Girl
  12. Something's Hiding in Here
  13. Spoonful
  14. The Mountain Rose Herbs blog
  15. You are what You love


Jeremy said...

Wait a minute... I think you're 32!

andrea littlebighead said...

Am I? Geesh! You see what I mean, let me go and change that! :)

Laura said...

I love 2 & 3 especially! Yes spider webs are so gorgeous and getting in touch with your childhood through through your children is soooo wonderful!

kate said...

Thanks so much for including my blog!

andrea littlebighead said...

you are most welcome!