16 May 2011

cupcakes and monsters

May, friday the thirteenth was International Monster's Day and we celebrated with a couple of handmade monsters, cupcakes and tea! I had doodled so many ideas of monsters but I was only able to make two. One, we named Broccoli Stick (Nettles gave her that name since her head shape resembles a broccoli and her arms and legs are made out of sticks). I really wanted to incorporate a bit of found nature into the doll and Broc (for short) is what materialized.

The second monster is my monster. I actually finished this monster at 11:59 pm on friday so that I could say it was born on Monster's day and give it the name Thirteen. Thirteen is symbolic in other ways too, since this monster of mine has one eye in the back of his head and three in the front. Also, Nettles birthday is Jan. 3rd, 1-3. Thirteen was actually made out of an old favorite merino wool sweater of mine. Time and moths had gotten to it but I could not part with it. Now I will never have to. Thirteen also has buck teeth and the backside, with his one eye, has a snaggle tooth too. I did make a pattern for a yeti doll but realized that I did not have any white felt left.
In honor of Monster's day we made cupcakes (monsters love cake!) and decorated them like coconut fur yetis (for our love of yetis, of course) and almond fur big foots. Nettles had a lot of fun taking orders from everyone and saying 'order up!' every time a cupcake was finished. We use coconut shavings and almonds like mentioned, with chocolate chips for eyes, sunflower seeds for fangs and cut up pieces of fruit leather for mouths. Nettles also made herself a yeti who had combed it's hair (coconut less) and gave it a kiss before eating. :)

The next morning we made banana french toast, bacon and tea for breakfast and of course, our monsters joined us. I really can't wait again for another monster day because it was just so much fun and another opportunity to be creative and imaginative. Next time I can prepare myself further in advance for some crafts perhaps and more monster lovelies to make. Until then, I'll keep adding to my monster's day pinterest for ideas and inspirations.


Anonymous said...

love those monsters! i went to bed last night dreaming of the robot cake that i am designing in my head for this coming up weekend....x

andrea littlebighead said...

a robot cake sounds fantastic!

Jessica said...

What a wonderful celebration of all things monstrous! Love it!!

Liefgeval said...

How cute is your art! I adore your header. Just came to say Hi ;)!

Sophia said...

How clever AND brilliant! I love the monster theme. Awww. Your header is amazing, too! So glad I stumbled upon your blog. :)

La Société des Monstres Célèbres said...

Hi! We love this story and your lovely photos and everything! We linked to it from the International Monster's Day Facebook page cuz we think all our fiends will want to come say hi, too!

camille yanair said...

what a fun day! i've been wanting to try and make some stuffed monsters for my neices and nephews!