16 May 2011

nettles, storybook places and a birthday too



one and two--I don't remember exactly how it came about but we were being silly with one another and I brought up nettles. Nettles, Nattie, Natalie. We were both extremely playful and happy and now Natalie (also known as bubelah) has yet another (new) nickname: Nettles. My daughter the Nettles. On Mother's day after church, we came home and changed into comfy clothes, made popcorn, snuggled and watched a movie together. I also drew to 'nettle' pictures, for my daughter and the new name..

three and four--Our passes have cleared up again, allowing us to visit Disneyland until the summer comes around. three is a photo of the top of the Peter Pan Ride Building and four is from Mr. Toad's Wild Adventure..

five--Never far from Mother's day is my husband/love/best friend's birthday. We made banana cream pie from scratch (including the pie crust!) and decorated it for him. She put blueberries to make a 'R' and out a cherry in the middle for him..

six--the Nettles herself, a self-portrait..

Addendum--just came across this on an email from All About Thyme:

Celebrate Be Nice to Nettles Week by listening to Susan's podcast on this interesting "weed" or reading about 101 surprising ways you can use nettles.

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Milla said...

I love nettles and always thought it would make a lovely name for a little girl. Or nickname as the case may be. Happy Birthday to your honey. Now I really want some cake. Drawing and cake please ;D Tell Nat I think she has a very wonderful mom.