03 May 2011

what we did, things to do and my affinity for houses...

Last week I had a beautiful spring 'staycation' with my daughter. We didn't go all out doing things but it was all the little things we did do and that we did together. I really think I may have needed the vacation more than her since I realized how much I have missed her. It sounds like a funny thing to say, I know, but with softball season, Girl Scouts, school, homework, chores and general growing up, I haven't had as much hands on time with her like I used to. We gardened, painted, had tiny dance parties, rode our bikes, played frisbee, put puzzle pieces together, visited a few friends, laughed, hugged and squeezed each other. Oh, and not to mentioned that she was able to join me for our Kindred Gathering's Royal Wedding Tea! That was the best and now onto getting back into 'work and home' mode.

So what do I want to do now and what's ahead for me:
  • I want to paint again. Never mind that I have forgotten most of the techniques I learned in college and used oils as my medium. I want to dabble in acrylics and water colors and see what comes of it
  • I've finally begun writing several first drafts for story ideas. Now to type them, revise and edit and bring the visuals of the stories to life
  • Relearn how to use a sewing machine so that a few littlebighead creations can be tangible and plush ones
  • Revisit old characters I have come up with a few years ago and breathe life into them. Give them their stories, their plots and a place to be in littlebighead
  • Bring a new character to life, an alias in fact but more on that later
  • Work on my piece for the upcoming 2011 West Coast Eisteddfod, Welsh Festival in September
  • Work on a couple of trades and a few parcels for friends
 This is the small painting I did last week. I haven't titled it yet but it goes along a constant theme I have in my head "I am a house". I have done a few drawings/illustrations based around that idea, like the following:

It's an idea that is very close to my heart and I don't think I am done exploring that option for creativity.


Sailor Purrs said...

That is a wonderful painting. I also want to paint, but never have. What an inspiring post, thank you! :-)

gracia said...

Enjoy painting again. I feel like it is something I would like to do again. I teach painting (to students who study through Open University) and it makes me feel inspired to squeeze a little oil paint onto my palette and revisit what I once did.

Look forward to seeing more of your work,
g xo

Mathyld ▲ under the pyramids ▲ said...

This little painting is so very you ! That's exactly what I thought the second I saw it !
I remembered some of the precedent illustrations of the theme but it's so sweet to see them all together !

And I love the new banner !
x x x

andrea littlebighead said...

thank you all so very much!