29 June 2011

scenes from an early summer week

Summer Vacation has officially begun and the weather still hasn't quite caught up to the fact. I love it though, June Gloom is a favorite 'season' of mine. It's a wonderful feeling, having the windows opened in early morning and that sweet chilly breeze wafts into the room.  June has afforded me some great moments, in both the big things and the small. As always, I see His work being orchestrated from everything around me and within me.

Natalie ended her first grade year tremendously well and we are all so proud of her. On her last day, we gave her vibrant dark pink peonies and red carnations to congratulate and celebrate her on a year well done. I am now looking forward to the blessing of having her more with me during the summer and continuing to establish our relationship as mother and daughter. Sometimes, during the school year things get a bit lost family wise with homework, school activities and extra curricular activities as well. Summer is the time for me to gather everything back and enjoy my daughter with love and with life itself.

Every summer, it would seem, I always have the same notion of thoughts. I remember my fondness for herbs, for making dolls (like mandrakes and owls), and for fall. Always in the very beginning of summer, I love it even though my heart is set on autumn. I don't know what it is but I certainly hope that the resurgence of creativity and thought will manifest itself in very productive ways! I am looking forward to September, where a piece of my artwork will join a handful of others at the 2011 West Coast Eisteddfod Welsh Festival of Arts. Lorin Morgan-Richards is the artist heading this up and he presented a wonderful opportunity for some artist friends. He put together his own original poetry to the Welsh Alphabet, with each artist getting their own letter. I have:
N is for Nissien
Who battles amongst the celestial star
He combats his twin Efnissien
Dueling for peace afar.
 I finally finished my piece and will be scanning and sending it to him this week. It's all so very exciting and am so interested in seeing what every one else contributed!

Again, I have been filled with so much joy coming from every which way. We have been spending more time with family and old friends whilst making new ones as well. We are seeing and understanding the value of 'community' and living life with others, not just learning to live individualistically. It's been sort of amazing, for me, seeing those little barriers come down that I've never really realized I had in some ways. We are also planting again and truly trying to start a little container garden of sorts. Rick's friend has given us more than a handful of pumpkin seedlings along with a few pepper ones too. We finally managed to get them all little homes with new soil so they can grow and flourish. I really hope as we learn to do all of this our newly green thumbs won't turn black!

It's afternoon now and that last photo of fresh basil leaves brewing for tea is reminding me how I have not had any tea yet today. I am off, but I hope everyone is truly enjoying this season. For all the wonders and beauty it brings, from every which way around :)

Summer afternoon - summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.  ~Henry James


Heather said...

Looks like you guys are having a great summer! Congrats to Nat for student of the month too :) and love that new drawing! The colors are so nice and dreamy!~

jane b said...

your artwork is always so wonderful, andrea. you're so very talented! congrats to your little lady on being student of the month!