06 July 2011

flowers, herbs, friends, letters and summer...

My life in pictures (as seems to be the theme of my blog posts of late):

  • One of my most favorite things about Summer is our Gardenia bush. As the heat begins to rise, these fragrant blossoms open and release such sweet perfumery
  • Making root and herbal syrups out of ginger (with lemon added after for quick and simple ginger ale syrup) and lemon balm. Add to ice and carbonated or tonic water = instant refreshing natural soda!
  • My little dancer makes people of all ages smile. She danced for my friend's mother and a week later, she received this handmade fairy crown from her
  • Always remembering the value of friendships. Especially those in who are daughters have alsostarted and continued
  • Random letter writing is always a past time of mine. In comes in waves sometimes and this is the first of the season but definitely not the last (I chronicle my handmade/hand drawn letters/envelopes here if you wish to see)
  • Sitting outside in the cool breeze, beneath our cut out blackbird from two Octobers ago
Working on an illustration job, thinking of new projects and reminded of older ones that need to be completed. Summer is a wonder and I will do my work along with the fun. When it's over, and school begins, I really need to get on the ball ;)

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Heather said...

Nat looks so pretty and grown up! looks like you guys are having a nice and dreamy summer. Hope you get to enjoy the outdoors!