13 March 2009

black radishes and other things on friday the thirteenth

earlier this week we went to our local fruit and vegetable market to buy some veggies for this week's cooking. i spotted this black radishes (or are they turnips, i forgot! well, we'll go with radishes) and i fell in love! i know it sounds silly but i thought, why not make them into little tuber heads, like when we made shrunken heads out of apples. i followed the same recipe as before, except i didn't peel the radishes. i didn't have cloves for eyes (i forgot to buy them) so i use jasmine pearl teas instead! you need to let them dry out for two weeks, so here, the day after, are how my two little tubers look.

i've been in the writing mood lately, so yesterday i grabbed a few envelopes and started drawing on them. to my friend hollie in pennsylvania, i sent her a letter with, what else? two black radishes on them.

i drew a new owl on the second envelope. i rather fancy this new owl so i took a closer photo so i can remember him. the letter went on to rachael in france. the last envelope has a sunflower on it. it was inspired by the black sunflower. i still want to perfect 'my' black sunflower but for now, this envelope has the first and to whom it will be sent to, i don't know yet.

today was crazy socks day at nat's school. i thought i would show a few pictures of her before she headed off in the morning. thank goodness for crazy socks day! she was so distracted by it she didn't even cry for me when it was time for me to go! this is the first day like this since the beginning of february and i was very thankful for it.

another thing that i did today was make cinnamon honey. i got the idea from a post about herbal honey at lilith's apothecary. i can't wait to try it with lavender, ginger and lemon balm too.

awhile ago i had bought some pure & natural cleansing rosemary and mint soaps from target. one of the things i loved about them was that the soaps are packaged in cardboard boxes that are embedded with baby's breath seeds. nat and i have been meaning to plant them for the longest when i finally bought some potting soil today. of course, she was delighted to put the soil in the container and bury oour soon to be flower treasure.

well, it's friday evening now but you wouldn't know it since the time change. the sun is still shining and there is a nice breeze coming in from the window. i've had my evening chamomile and the husband (whom i have now, affectionately began to call my black radish. don't ask, i have no idea why!) has left for a poker evening with the guys. nat and i will watch movies later on, most likely monster house and settle in for the weekend.


nullalux said...

What charming socks!

littlebyrd said...

Don't you love the longer days?! Look how clever you are making those shrunkeb heads - I love them!

Heather said...

Thank goodness for crazy socks day! Im so glad Nat had a good day at school :)

Oh, I remember making an apple head witch for halloween once...I remember the back of my apple shriveled into the perfect old witch face, so I ended up putting her head on backwards because i liked it best ;)

I received a very special and beautiful little letter in the mail today! Ah, I was so happy, I got that 10 year old feeling when you got something special from your pen pal! I must start my reply!...

The Railway House said...

I honestlyhonestly think that your art work is truly fantastic.

(So much truth in that sentence!)


lauren said...

hmmm, i can't figure out if i started following your blog today because you like owls, beets, the Fleet Foxes or this utterly delightful background - but it is of no matter bc I just discovered a new blog to love! :)