17 March 2009

what i would like on her walls...

the days have been busy, but in my spare online time, i find myself perusing etsy for new handcrafted goodies. i see loads of things i would love for me, and for her too. her walls are bare and we have yet to hang up anything in her room yet. i have a few things already that will grace them but i want to fill one of her walls up with beautiful pictures. here are some of the things on my etsy favorites that i wish i had for her room...

these two lovely prints from the black apple. the first is the gardener, so sweet and serene. the second is the milkland bandit, a quiet little rascal.

by eekdesign, forest and fields, a bright eyed girl with her furry rabbit companions.

this little owl card from ethel and iris would be perfect for my owl loving girl.

this sepia-toned paper doll by dear dodo seems to evoke such simple imagination.

a big beautiful owl. enough said, we love them! this one is by fragments.

another pretty bird for us friends of feathered folk from pipodoll.

this darling victorian girl by munieca would fit perfectly in any little girl's room.

of course there are more goodness i would love for her (and for me too. we share a lot of things!) but i'll leave this visual list as is for now. later, i will post some need findings i am coveting at the moment as well, stay tuned friends...

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