13 March 2009

more mandrakes and meanderings..

i just listed this original drawing at the etsy shop. i have photos i need to upload and share. things have been still a bit hectic but i have been twittering like mad (if you want to keep up with little odds and ends here and there). i'm still letter writing. i have two letters ready to get sealed and stamped, a few more to write, and still i need to get some small packages to send some tea out to far away friends. busy! oh, and let's not forget cleaning up and cooking soon! which by the way, i must remember to tell you all of our little black radish heads, but later, later! happy friday the thirteenth!!

p.s. i started a folia account for when nat and i finally begin our little garden. if you would like, i would love to have some friends there. if you are interested, please visit this link.

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