06 March 2009

foto fawned friday

this week has been a bit busy, thinking and planning for a new garden, setting up natalie's new room, cleaning, believing, dreaming and constantly listening to my radio or pandora and finding new sounds to add to my

it's been awhile since my last fawned friday so i thought i would do one with pictures. i've been loving all the wonderful images i find on we heart it and post on fables and at the secret cabinet.

so, my thoughts this week, in picture form:
(all photos except for the mandrake print found on we heart it. for further credit and info, right click the image, grab the properties link to direct you to the page on we heart it).

always wanting to dream, but knowing i live in reality and balancing the two.

thinking of mandrakes and how i will begin to draw them.

herbs and flowers still on the mind, wanting my garden soon.

the pleasures of tea when it's cold, when you're alone, when you need warmth and comfort.

wanting a new but weathered journal to have just for pressing flowers and other little found things.
always thinking of rooms to wander and in explore.

and of course, a few of my own photos to describe the rest of my thoughts:

finding happiness in her happiness of having her own room.

sending out small thoughts and recording them and images elsewhere.

needing to send out a big parcel, and still wanting to write more and send letters to others.

well, that's my morning now. i have some more tidying up to do, a bit more cleaning, and gathering my dreams and thoughts in hopes that i can draw them out or create them as needed. i need to update the shop with some new material, it's just finding the time and resources to do it all. it will come, i know it all will. happy friday friends...


MEG said...

Have a beautiful Friday, from one dreamer to another. :)

Mathyld / encore petite said...

Oh ! Lovely !

The first one is incredible ...

I loved your purple bloom ...
And the package looks magical ! Do you really use these skeleton keys ? They are so pretty !!!

And, last but not least, Nathalie DOES looks happy, having this yummy pic-nic on this awesomely cozy new bed of hers !

I'm happy for the both of you, Honey-Bunnies ♥

Yay for the happiness of others that makes us happy too ! :)

Happy Week-End !
x x x

Heather said...

what beautiful images! I am finding joy too in my little girl playing outside with her puppy. I love letters...I wish people still wrote them. I have a thing for mail ;)