22 April 2009

happy earth day and ginny day too!

or earth day today, nat and made a leaf candle jar. i had picked up a few leaves from my morning walk and together, we made leaf rubbings using her crayons. afterwards, i cut them out and had her apply decoupage glue to a jar (a preserves jar so it has nice little raised fruit on the top!) and paste the cut outs. she applied more glue to the top and i filled the jar with a little sand (to catch the wax) and put the candle in. 

we also checked up and watered our tin herb garden where we have two cans with sprouts (i believe it's the chamomile and sage)!

our lavender sprouts are doing well too!

and lastly, my 1969 volkswagen beetle ginny came back home today with her new fresh coat of paint. we are all excited about it but nat just shows it a bit more!

of course, i had to put my latest magnet from mountain rose herbs inside the car too!

later tonight, we will be putting the candles on and having our own little earth hour. of course, her newest candle votive will be put to use. happy earth day everyone! :)


penandnotebook said...

ginny, you bring joy to the world... :)

Heather said...

this is the sweetest! What a neat candle. and Ginny looks beautiful!~