21 April 2009

moon gardens sketches, a book mobile and a colorful headdress

last night we began another craft. after receiving this month's cookie magazine and seeing an adorable little girl wearing an indian headdress and instantly had the idea to have us make one out of a large brown paper bag. i cut out the length, keeping the folds intact to make it longer. i cut out large feather shapes out of colored paper, cutting the sides to make a feathery effect.  afterwards, i cut more shapes (diamonds, circles and squares) for her to use as embelishment. she sat down to paint the headdress band and after her colors were dried she glued on the shapes and put sequins on top.

while she was busy, i was working on a few other things and decided to take a few little shots of some sketches of mine in one of my journals. one in particular is the moon's garden and it's quite special because on the opposite side, she attempted to copy my drawing and made it the sun's garden. :)

(i need to make something more of this little sketch, i really like it!)

also, i finished up a letter booklet i made for one of my letter friends in north carolina (a grown up way of saying pen pals i suppose!). it went off in the mail today so i hope she will have it by the end of the week . here, a couple of pages of it as a sneak peek...

i also did a craft of my own yesterday afternoon as well. another inspiration was found in the cookie magazine where a woman made these book mobiles for her children's room. i loved the way they look at that they also looked a bit like bird houses. i happened to have an old book where i was using the pages to draw on. i decided to take the idea and try it out myself. i had no idea that the website actually had the instructions on how to make it.  i just looked at the photo, removed the pages, used tape to keep the sections of pages together and to apply them into the book and afterwards used glue for further securing. i also used a permenant marker to draw windows on both sides of the cover. if i had some other materials, i probably would of affixed some fake moss and a bird to the tops as well. 

these were the best photos i could take but at least you get the idea :) i would like to do more, and get a bit better but what a great recycling craft idea (especially with earth day being tomorrow).

of course, nat's headdress was all dried today so she happily modeled it (with a smiling papa in the background as well). i loved the way it looked and i think she does too!

i also wanted to mention, if you can, please vote for the most talented margaux kent of theblackspotbooks is in an etsy voter for 'which jewelry would make mom feel special?". please go and vote for her and spread the word too :)

also, i just wanted to mention that i was again featured in the crafty crow for our egg carton owls. i'm pretty happy about that :)


Anonymous said...

Oh wow IM SO EXCITED TO RECIVE IT hehe ! your daughters head dress looks amazing it makes me want to make one for myself

pomegranates said...

oh you should make one!! make one and take pictures too! :)

Mathyld / encore petite said...

Oh Andrea !
This mini book is just *so* perfect ! ♥ ♥ ♥
And the girl looks amazing with this headpiece !!! I love it !
And congrats for your feature : you deserve it ... I'm in LOVE with these babies ! I can't believe how creative you are ...
x x x

Cassandra said...

oh lovely crafts! I love your moon garden (and her sun garden, of course.) The book mobiles are VERY clever...going to have to try one of those...