27 June 2009

leaving the coast

Coming back home we took the coast and I was perpetually delighted at all the forestry and beauty. All I could do was just dream and take a few photos from inside the car. I also had some time to finish re-reading Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince before the movie is released.

We made a stop in Big Sur for a bit and I think we all were just in love with all the surroundings.

A couple of hours later we made another stop for a bit to eat. Afterwards we stretched out our legs a bit behind the restaurant and took in all the beauty. I picked up a few black, jagged rocks and Natalie went exploring a bit.

Hopefully we will back again very soon....


Missa said...

Ah, I love driving that stretch of coastline. It's so majestic!

Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. I can't wait to take Clover down to the Monteray Aquarium one day, I know she'd love it :)

Marqueta said...

So beautiful! Makes me want to make a trip to the coast. :)



Anonymous said...

It looks so gorgeous there!!
Your daughter is adorable : )

Vivienne said...

it looks like such a gorgeous trip! I sooo miss it down there.

and i'm so glad i found your blog too!