08 June 2009

let's get thrifty...

For those who would like to see, what I thrifted today...

this awesome picnic basket to store some of my crafty items, twigs, branches and rocks for crafts, etc.

219 1909

219 1910

the inside..

219 1911

and all the things piled in..

219 1912

219 1913

Okay now for the clothes. I am not the greatest model or the greatest self-portrait taker but I did my best and I hope you like it :)

219 1907
my new belt on the new black dress. i'm basically wearing this the whole time so you will see a little more..

219 1914
a poncho for both me and nattie too!

219 1916
my 'weasley' sweater (it totally reminds me of something any of the weasley siblings from harry potter might wear!)

219 1917
don't know what i'm doing but oh well :)

219 1919

219 1921
my chunky knitted vest sweater..

219 1920

219 1923
happy with my finds...


Anonymous said...

You're super pretty and I love the dress paired with this cute belt !
x x x

thewindhover said...

Oh my, I do love a spot of thrifting... and that last photo of you; thats the thrifting smile alright. I love the picnic basket and the belt and the vest... everything really :)

moonshinejunkyard said...

you are so lovely and i appreciate the joy of those finds! i love the little poncho and the vest and all your pretty little things in the basket. good job!