09 June 2009

my little bear

my little bear

Sunday night the girl became a fairy in a white fairy gown my mom had bought her along with a bottle of fairy sleep dust (star shaped glitter and the sort). I call her polar bear sometimes and the other day she was hiding and called herself the invisible bear so I thought it was fitting when I asked her if she wanted to make a mask and she said yes, a bear one.

I went to work cutting out a bear shaped mask from a cardboard box (the crease being the center of the mask) and she quickly starting coloring and drawing hearts on it. Once all the color was there, we put the glue on and she sprinkled some of her fairy dust onto it to make it a magical bear mask.

she made her mask of cardboard and faiy dust

Yesterday after we returned from a few errands and had dinner I asked her if she wanted to take a walk around the school. I also wanted to take some pictures of her in her mask so we did :)

hello little bear!the bear goes for a walk

skipping along
little bears like to skip too...

hiding behind trees
and hide behind trees!

When we came back home she wanted to wear my newly thrifted belt along with a pretty black woven headband we got her from target for a dollar. It was back outside to take some 'modeling' photos! She totally reminded me of a little Violet Folklore girl! Amber and Sasha, you better watch out, I think she has the poses down! :) Here are a few (yes, not all of them! I had to tame her down!) of the photos:

she likes my belt

it's modeling time

she's practicing to be a violet folklore model!

having fun..
She had too much fun!


moonshinejunkyard said...

she is SO CUTE. what a great little sense of style.

encorepetite said...

Cutest bear ever (woops, don't tell it to my Grizzly !)
x x x

thewindhover said...

Your little girl such a beauty thats for sure; I really really like the bear mask! and that lovely woven headband.

gardenmama said...

Aww, she is beautiful!! I love the bear mask, great photos!

Cafe Gusto said...

She is happy.Look at her eyes..Never lost her smile..