05 August 2009

earl grey and lanterns too

mr earl grey

Summer has this girl with me all the time, which is no problem except when she wants to do a million crafts every minute :) A few weeks ago I had her glue loose earl grey tea onto a little drawing and we made 'Mr Earl Grey'. His beard smells pretty good too!


Monday we were drawing and coloring and I began a 'bark' painting that I would attach to a tin can and then punch holes to make a lantern.




Finally it was dark enough to try out our new little celestial lantern I made for her. With put our hedgehog jar votive on first and then the new one..

hedgehog jar lantern



we love things with soft fire glows...especially a little owl lantern I made a few weeks ago. She has fun walking around with it pretending to be looking for people..

the owl lantern


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Jessica said...

I adore the hedgehog lantern--love, love, love it. I so miss my hedgehog--she was so dear and I loved the way she'd snuffle around. :(