20 February 2010

to hogwarts with love...


Valentine's day of last year, Natalie 'received' a letter from Hogwarts by 'owl'. She was so thrilled to get a little note and gift from her 'friends' in the wizarding world. Ever since then she has asked me to find the address from Hogwarts so she can write her friends back. Initially I stalled, saying that it was very difficult to get the address but that I would try. Since then, she has received a halloween card from 'Harry, Ron, Hermoine and Ginny' and I plan to send her more things from 'them'.


A few weeks ago she just couldn't wait anymore so she began writing (or drawing, actually) her letters to her magical friends. I finally worked it out with Rick's mom to have me send Nat's letters to Hogwarts to her address. I figured since she is still learning how to read and that I put the address after she is done, that I can get away with this for a little while (at least). I also told her that this is the American address that we can send it to until an owl picks it up to take it Hogwarts. I want to buy a very nice box that she can store those letters in until Nat is older and we can present to her a piece of her childhood imagination.


I offered to help her with her letters by getting out my wax and seal for them. She liked choosing different colors and different seals for each one of her friends.


I am constantly in love with the way her mind works and how everything is still so exciting and magical to her.


There are some things I have found on etsy that I've been wanting to get for her sent by her friends, of course. Here are some of the items:

There are a ton of more things she would most likely jump up and down for. Etsy does have a nice selection of things that are geared to the Hogwarts fan indeed. I wanted to find some cool mandrake things for us to collect. I've been thinking about making her a felt doll from one of my illustrations (and perhaps make a few for the littlebighead shop too).

She also has been begging to go the opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Actually it was an email 'owl' that I sent her from 'Harry' that got her so excited to write to her letters. At the Wizarding World they will actually have a post office where you can send letters from that will bear an authentic Hogsmeade postmark. I'm a grown up but I can't help but to be completely sucked into this wonderful, imaginative and very magical world. And for now, it would seem, my daughter is exactly the same way.


Josey's mom said...

OMGOSH I love that you are doing this Andrea-it makes me want to cry thinking about what a beautiful memory you are making with your daughter

Sophia said...

Wow....that is SO sweet! I can only imagine the joy you are placing in her little heart. How exciting!! :)

the wild magnolia said...

You have chosen a creative way to connect with your daughter. How fun to share her passion.

Wonderful gifts for any Harry Potter fan.

The mind of a child is so pure and uncluttered. Each experience is filled with emotions of a "first time" experience.

Love your blog.

Heather said...

Aw, that's so sweet and fun! I bet she is over the moon when those letters arrive. Its so fun to see their little imaginations at work. my girl is still obsessed with Coraline ;)

The Bird said...

I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit!! I'm a Halloween folk artist and would be honored if you stopped by my blog some time as well. Take care

~ Brialee ~

encorepetite said...

As I said ... I love how creative Natalie is !
She is the sweetest girl and you, my friend, are the bestest mum (with my own, indeed) !

I love you both and send you hugs !
x x x

PS : I hope you did show my "homage post" to Nat !!! Her bunny is a star, now !
I love telling the bunny's story to people who come and visit. He's in display, so they always notice him (and Mathyldette and the moon and the Woodlander too, indeed !)

aboutabun said...

Oh wow! Your letter writing tools are so lovely, I remember the owl wax seal fondly, but had no idea it was from a beautiful silver owl!

andrea the pomegranates said...

thank you for all your responses! i really hope to be storing warm, fond and creative memories for her. i hope she will appreciate it as much as i do! :)

tinymatryoshka said...

I loved doing this as a child and would love to introduce it to my daughter. Would you mind sharing where you located the owl stamp?

andrea the pomegranates said...

of course, i bought it from
i usually check on the site from time to time for their sale items (which the owl was). Just check out what they have, and maybe email them about the owl stamp.