21 April 2010

the middle day

new work in progress..

nettle, marshmallow leaf and cinnamon ready to be tinctures in a month..

a pine cone baby. i found 'her' on a walk, immediately thinking of a little babushka. i wrapped her in yarn and tie a bit of lace around her. now natalie has her wrapped up in fabric with a bow :)

the little pine cone baby in my black painted hands (evidence of another project beginning...)

we made a few flower fairy portraits today, including a stick bug portrait she made for her teacher. tomorrow she will wear brown, green and blue for earth day at school. i still want us to celebrate even though she has a game in the afternoon that takes a bit of a chunk out of our day.

now a few new discoveries...


Sophia said...

I love visiting your blog. For no matter what my life currently holds, your words, art, and magic lift my spirits far more than I could ever imagine. Thank you. I needed that little blessing tonight. :)

Anonymous said...

Dearest Ada ! This Owl is magnificent, I love your new creations and this one just blows my mind ... Love !

And thank you for the mention. I can't wait for a pic-nic with tea and moonlight, under the pyramids ♥
x x x

Milla said...

Oh I can't wait to see what that owl turns out like. Probably awesome!

andrea the pomegranates said...

sophia--your words completely brightened my day, thank you!!

mathyld & milla--i need to get finishing with that owl. i was thrilled when i first got the idea :)