13 May 2010

the village at owl...

thankful for...
  • new endeavors and opportunities
  • getting a bike for mother's day
  • getting dirty and planting flower seeds
  • the constant motivation within to keep walking
  • my husband and his birthday
  • collecting beautiful shells at the beach with my little girl
  • His providence and knowing that He is watching over all things
  • movie nights (or spa nights!) and sleepovers with my daughter
  • renewed friendships
  • being grateful for the sun and it's warmth (until it gets overbearingly hot here in socal!)


Teenysparkles said...

You have so many wonderful experiences and things to be thankful for. This was an uplifitng list...thanks for sharing!

Agnese said...

No surprise your drawings are so heart-warming... :)


Courtney said...

That is the loveliest little owl! You've got so much creativity and talent, I am just in awe. Have a happy weekend!

Milla said...

I'm grateful for your blog ;)

Little White Paw said...

Love the owl! A bike for mother's day sounds pretty awesome!

Violet Folklore said...

Your drawings are always so lovely and yes, heart warming.

And you make me so look forward to Mycelia growing older, so we can do things like spa days!

Pinkrain - Mafalda Laezza said...

wow! amazing!

andrea the pomegranates said...

to allllll of you: you warm my heart and lift it like you can't believe! thank you all so very dearly!

Mathyld / under the pyramids said...

Oooh ! Now I want to bike with you Let's add it to our to-do-together list : tea + tee pee making + crafting + stargazing + owls-taming (I just added this one ! tee hee)

And of course, I love "the Village at Owl" !!! Let's bike there together !
x x x