03 May 2010

in the backyard...

2010-04-30 13.56.00_Whittier_California_US.jpg

The weather has been absolutely beautiful here in Southern California. I never really think of Spring being a favorite season of mine but I am always delighted when it comes. I really want to take advantage of this lovely season with being outdoors and soaking up the air and the sun. I also want to get myself out of the habit of just being out in the front yard and always neglecting the back one. My parent's have a huge backyard that includes a gated pool but it's mostly all concrete. They do have a small patch of green but everyone usually avoids it (unless the grass has be tamed) because it's the dog's area (I think you all know what I mean).

During the week of Earth day, Nat and I did some fun little crafts. One of the things we did was nest making. My friend Lisa always has amazing things she does with her two daughters. I saw her post on nest making and decided we had to do it. I had found some light weight wire in my old painting supplies so thought it would be perfect for nest making. I didn't make it look as awesome as the sphere that Paint Cut Paste had made but it was functional enough.

2010-04-30 13.54.25_Whittier_California_US.jpg

Since we don't have a tree in the front yard, the only place I could think of hanging it was out in the back. The neighbor's have a tree that hangs over on our side and it provides nice shade and a better 'outdoor' look. It's where Nat and I have our homemade recycled plastic bird feeder. It's a mess to look at but hopefully some birds will find some good stuff they can use to build their nests (and it's conveniently located right next to bird seeds). I am pretty happy that this little thing forced me to get out in the backyard. I should be out there more and utilize whatever I can there. I want it to be greener and happier and I know that Nat and I could make it more that way.

2010-04-30 13.56.36.jpg

I also thought the backyard would be the perfect place to show my nice thrifted finds I got last week. I already showed you Nat's adorable Asian dress but I hadn't shared what I got. At the moment I am not that good at taking self portraits and I really don't want to ask anyone to take photos of me. I am not where I want to be yet and sometimes I just get a little too hard on myself. With that said, I just decided to use the old wooden bench that's besides the koi pond and the tree for a photo shoot of sorts.

2010-04-30 13.58.57.jpg

I had a particularly fun day the day I got all these goodies. I hung out with an old friend of mine that I hadn't seen in quite some time. We had so much fun being loud and silly at the thrift store and it felt so good since it had been so long since i've had that with her. She joked about how I would say, 'I'm just going to put it in the cart. I'll edit later'. Our cart was so packed! Finally, we both narrowed it down to the things we coudn't bear to be with out (and with a 20% off coupon too, it was so worth it)!

2010-04-30 13.59.17.jpg

I love dresses, I pretty much wear them every day. I have lost some weight due to all the food changes and walking I've been doing so it's nice to find some 'new' things to have. I did find one dress that I really liked and knew it would fit without trying it out. It's a blue and red dress with white (but it's not the American flag). It has such a pretty print we've all seen but it's cute and comfy. I wore it the day after with a little natural beige colored belt (also thrifted) with a dainty little sweater my friend picked out for me at the thrift store.

2010-04-30 14.02.02.jpg

I wish I took a better photo of the sweater but it's the perfect spring/summer cover up. The print is so cool (it reminds me a bit of asian tattoos for some reason) and I already been complimented twice for it. One woman thought it looked like it was from Anthropolgie (and my heart smiled).

2010-04-30 14.03.30.jpg

One thing I have to admit is that I am a sweater fiend. Some people have vices like shoes or handbags. Mine are sweaters. Even with living in Southern California, if there is barely enough coolness for me to wear a sweater, I will. The time I went to the store a couple of weeks before I had snatched a thick sweater that reminds me of cold and folksy places and a multi-brown poncho with buttons. The first sweater has none brashy looking colors of natural, brown, warm light gray with a rust red color. I call it my campfire sweater because it's one of those things I can see myself huddling in while out camping at night next to the fire. The poncho I was really thrilled about because I've been wanting a cool poncho for awhile but never would find the 'right' one. I especially like this one because it has buttons down the front that I haven't seen on a poncho.

2010-04-30 14.03.40.jpg

While taking these pictures, my family's dog, Bijou came out to be a part of it. This dog has been around for a very very long time. She is a very good dog and I've been putting more effort into showing her affection and warmth so whenever her last days come, it would be good ones.

2010-04-30 14.03.58.jpg

I think one of my ultimate finds that day was a type of sweater I have been wanting for a very long time. I would see these awesome thrifting mamas like Heather, Amber, Sasha, Milla (which by the way Milla, I don't know why your blog is not showing up in my bloglines feed but I'll get it there!) rocking their wares and wishing I had some sweaters like theirs too.

2010-04-30 14.04.23.jpg

I finally found it and was so ecstatic! It was perfect  with it's gray tones mixed with borwn, mustard yellow and rusty red and fit perfectly too. It has the easy going belt and pockets which I love to have. Even more awesome was the price tag so once the coupon was applied, I got the sweater for only $2.40! So happy....

2010-04-30 14.05.09.jpg

The other scores were a couple of tops great for the warming up weather. One, a cute little top that will probably end up being a summer staple and a button up shirt with a cute ruffled neck you can wear up or down. I also got a slouchy brown bag with front pockets (yeah!) that is perfect for all the things I need to tote around. I've used the bag right away and it pretty much seems to go with everything I wear right now.

2010-04-30 14.06.16.jpg

So...even though I had already picked up two sweaters (the airy cover up and the $2.40 steal) there was one that I could not turn away. I've mentioned my love for pretty much all things Harry Potter. I especially love the clothes from the movies which I had to do a post about on Magpies and Apples (if you visit, I'm sorry that the font is all big and wonky. I'm working on that). I love all the colors, patterns, textures so when I saw this sweater, I instantly thought "Weasley!" and absolutely had to have it.

2010-04-30 14.07.23.jpg

It has my favorite colors (again), browns, greens, and mustard with a zipper and a toggle front. Besides the way it feels perfectly while wearing it, it also has pockets and a hood. I told my friend it's my old scottish man sweater. When I showed Rick all my goods, his reply was 'more sweaters?' but when I showed him this one, I knew I had won him over. I told him he wishes he had a sweater like this and he said yeah. Even though I won this one I vowed that I would not go looking for more sweaters for me. I told him I would be tempted but from now on, only look in the men's sections for cool sweaters for him. Deal.

2010-04-30 14.08.24_Whittier_California_US.jpg

I'm very happy with my finds and had an awesome day that day, including the part when I got blown out of the store's door because the wind was so strong that day. My friend and I were busting up with so much laughter, it was awesome.

2010-04-30 14.07.36.jpg

In other non-related subjects, I go see a new GI Specialist today and am praying that he will be sympathetic to my case and sincerely want to help. Here's to hoping and also to looking to Him no matter what, trusting that everything is in His hands and He will always be faithful even when we don't understand. ♥

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the wild magnolia said...

You are such a fun person, so creative and kind.

Happy Day. Thanks for sharing.

Karen said...

What some fantastic finds! :)
It's great to recycle more and so much more fun to be thrifty and find unusual things. x

moonshinejunkyard said...

WOOOOWWWW! you sure did fill up a whole cart, and i can't believe what a treasure every item is! thanks for the mention by the way and it has been a looooonnnnnggg time since i've found a sweater that good. belt and all! our few thrift stores up here seem to be getting more and more picked seem to have a good one and i'm jealous! i love the way you describe the laughter with your friend too; sounds so fun. also i think the raggedy little bird's nest looks colorful and perfect in the tree and have fun in your backyard on these gorgeous days!

Heather said...

Glad to hear you had a happy earth day! and looks like you made some magical little finds!~ And ooooh...I see a little owlet peaking at me!~!

Milla said...

Oh my gosh! Two cardies at once! Toggle coats! Adorably dresses!

You are one lady with an awesome-tastic taste and also one of the two winners of my poster contest giveaway. Congrats! The Serendipities as well as the Thrift Gods are on your side.

Email me your address at and I shall send it to you as soon as it's off the presses.

Violet Folklore said...

SCORES! Oh my goodness Andrea these are all so wonderful! I literally gasped at the toggle coat, it is a dreeeeeam!

Please tell us about your doctor's visit.

Children of Eve said...

That belted sweater and toggle coat, pretty great. It's about time for me to go sifting through the thrift stores myself.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful finds! So lucky!