05 July 2010

inspirations and independence

hello sepia

I've been so happy to pull out my newest black apple sketchbook and just start drawing. I'm starting this one with more pieces intended to be completed. More drawings, less sketches. With the several new ideas/drawings coming to life in this book, I've been getting inspired from past things. I love how this wonderful, beautiful place has so many corners to draw inspiration from. Earlier this year it has been the sea and the Northwest with totem poles, inuit drawings and aurora borealis. Now my thoughts are turning to a constant interest of mine (though sometimes it takes the back seat to newer ones). Things like the bayou, folk roots, victorian, 'bohemian' and other vintage times. This is more my commonplace at times and I am happy to be venturing there again.

blackbirds and roses

blackbirds and roses

This is my 'blackbirds and roses' directly inspired by Karen Elson and her song 'Stolen Roses'. I did a little post about her at magpie apples where you can see the video as well.

I just finished a simple little piece today with a ghost and a bird cage. Antique bird cages are so beautiful and I've always wanted a place where I could collect a few and decorate with them. I haven't done a little ghostie in awhile and for some reason I paired the two ideas together.

ghost cage

I have an illustration in the making but I'll give a sneak peek. I thought I would do something a little bit Victorian but in my weird way, I didn't want to draw a woman. I'm going back to a blackbird as my muse. You can see the cage of the previous drawing on the following page.


As always for my need to begin and create, I add another new flickr group under my belt so to speak. I invite you to be a part of Bygone Drawings, for those illustrations inspired by times that are no longer ours. 

On another note, our Fourth of July was spectacular once again. We gathered at Rick's grandma's house and ate, laughed, enjoyed company with one another and reveled in the fantastic street (illegal) firework show. We have done this for three years now and this by far was the best. Even all of the neighbors were rooting for our displays of sights and sounds (by the way, this is in LA where everyone has illegal fireworks. The cops even make visits and just wave as the past by).

I captured some moments with my wee camera phone but I hope to one day have a fabulous camera that can really showcase all the sights. The photos still serve their purpose of course, and I am forever grateful for our country, for my friends and for my family.


gardenmama said...

Andrea, I am always in awe of your illustrations. The woman with roses in her hair is stunning! Your work is always incredible to me and continues to get better with each piece if that is even possible! xo

Agnese said...

The red haired girl is fabulous, a real masterpiece...

(thanks for the post about Karen Elson! I didn't know her but now I can't stop listening to her album...) xx

Courtney said...

These are absolutely exquisite works of art! You've really got amazing talent. And your new Flickr group sounds like fun, I'll be sure to check it out.

AlwaysAlice said...

visiting your page is always an absolute delight. your work is inspiring, beautiful, dreamy... i'm always thankful to discover such beauty along the road of life...



Diane said...

I always love seeing your new drawings. You are so talented and your drawings are so creative.

andrea the pomegranates said...

you are all so sweet and very encouraging, thank you so much!!