29 April 2010

family: the beginning

You have to appreciate the ability to gather old family photos, scan them onto a computer and then share them with whoever (in the whole wide world!) that you will. I've posted a couple times before, sharing photographic history of my family and those before me. As I go through these photos and as I get older, they seem more and more precious and priceless to me. It's a visual diary of whom and where I come from and for that, I am forever thankful...

You have to love the seventies! Look at how hip my parents are, I love it! I love my mom's down to earth look with her long hair and flowy dress. I can't leave out my dad either with his 'fro (from his natural curly hair)!

A family outing, again loving my mom's entire look from this day. I wasn't doing too bad either with my frilly tank top and pony tails :)

My maternal grandparents, Carmina and James, celebrating my first birthday with me (fyi: we still have that old victorian 'munster family' sofa. it's been reupholstered a couple of times. Now, the wood is painted black and the fabric is a beige duck cotton).

My brother and I before our sibling rivalry catapulted (but we love each other)!

A day at the beach with my momma and her awesome eighties glasses :)

Me in my favorite spot, on top of my dad's belly. Poor pillow though, suffering from soul glow OD (just kidding, I love you dad)!

Here I am, again at the beach sporting a Puerto Rico tank top. I wish I still had that, it was awesome and now would be soooooo vintage (and not the fake Old Navy kind either).

I have more that I would like to share so if you like viewing them, more will come :)


moonshinejunkyard said...

oh my gosh i LOOOOVVVEEE these. i have been obsessed with old photos myself and have scanned in tons of my grandparents when they were young in central california (hopefully to post soon). you were such an adorable baby and i like your style girl. think i know where that comes from huh momma!?! your parents are tooo damn cute. and that puerto rico shirt is to die for seriously. is that your dad's heritage? very handsome indeed. and i think my mom made herself the same dress your mom has on in the top pic!

andrea the pomegranates said...

oh post those photos for sure!! it is amazing to look at your own history, isn't it.
as for heritage, i am all puerto rican. both my parents are. my dad was actually born on the island and my mom was born in new york from parents from the island as well.
i actually have more photos to post and i'll include more of my heritage story :)

Helena said...

Oh my goodness, so cute!!! I love these photographs, they are so beautiful. Maybe I'll load some of my baby pictures on the scanner some time too. I can't wait to read more about your heritage.

Linda said...

Lovely photos!

Courtney said...

Oh my goodness, these are wonderful. Your family looks so happy and sparkly in each of these. Thank you so much for sharing! And your grandmother has loveliest name - Carmina - I adore that.

Violet Folklore said...

Ahhh these are so great Andrea! Yes sin't it funny to see our parents so 70s'd out!?

Jessica said...

Oh! Would you believe that just the other day I mentioned to my mother that I would love to post a photo I have of her, me and my dad taken at an arts & crafts sale in the 70s. We all look so hippie and I just love it!

So glad you shared your photos...they are wonderful!!!

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

What a great post! I just did a similar one and it made me sad for my daughter who (abandoned at birth) will never have this kind of recorded history of her blood relatives. It is a treasure. You family was very hip, and what a loving tribute you make.

Jackie Jeffries said...

I think I missed this post the first time around...just noticed it on FB! Oops. It is weird though because I unknowingly posted old photos around the same time! I have a bunch of my parents that need scanning too...I just have the ones of my grandparents at this point. You have motivated me! But, um, I need a scanner first I guess.