20 October 2010

an october gathering...

an october gathering

Last Friday I was honored to have a few friends over and spend the morning and afternoon with. It was called an October Gathering where spooky things would be about and everyone pitched in with either a home made baked good or savory treats. Tea, both hot and iced was served along with home made ginger ale and we gathered round the table and ate, shared, laughed and enjoyed the company.

an october gathering

This was the first time I was having any thing like this at the house and I was pretty excited. Natalie helped me attached vintage and spooky labels alike onto bottles and jars. Halloween dolls i have collected from Marshall's took a seat by the entrance door. The front room chandelier held pumpkin jars, coffee filter ghosts and an old bat I had made when Natalie was a baby.  Tables had a ceramic owl votive, a few photos within halloween frames, coffee filter witches and cardboard tube monsters. My mom's silver wear found a place in the kitchen along with a few crafts Nat and I have done in years past. Even the restroom became festive with a witch on a broom and pumpkin rocks. An old piece of artwork with creepy eyes stared at you next to a few painted rocks and vampire teeth.

an october gathering

an october gathering

The chalkboard pumpkin greeted everyone with a welcome and on the back, with cut out eyes and mouth, was drawn a burly mustache with bushy eyebrows in chalk. I had another owl votive stand guard along with my sweet serena the witch owl.

an october gathering

an october gathering

an october gathering

The mood was set with the smells of fresh baked goods from the oven. I made banana nut bread muffins and peanut butter cookies of various sorts (original, dark chocolate, apple jelly and apricot jam). Pandora radio was set on the Early Jazz station for background music. Friends brought home made pumpkin scones, three different types of hummus with pita bread, and a salami, cheese, olives & tomatoes platter.

an october gathering

an october gathering

I had such a tremendously wonderful time I truly did not want it to end! I wish the kitchen/dining area had better lighting to show you more of the decorations and yummy foods. I know that this is the beginning of having friends over and spending time with them and I am looking forward to more times of fellowship and gathering.


Miss Inthia said...

How fantastic!

ponyboypress said...

These pictures look great. Beautifully done! Seems like there are some ghostly visitors in some of those pictures!

Anonymous said...

Seems you had a lot of fun! I would have had with decorations like these! Me and my sister are planning a Pumpkin Party with all food made of pumpkin. :)

the wild magnolia said...

October Gathering, I really love the idea. Looks and sounds like a great time was had by all. Wonderful decorations and good food.

Courtney said...

Aw, that looks like such a fun time! You're so crafty with all of the decorations, I love it. Also - homemade ginger ale? How does one go about preparing such a beverage? It sounds delicious!

BlueTerracotta said...

Sounds magical, and your photos are lovely! Sophisticated spooky!

mathyld ▲under the pyramids▲ said...

Hee hee ! So adorable !
I don't do any decorations this year, but I recently started a witches coven and we'll gather for Halloween. We'll read tarot, have tea & cakes by the fireplace ... So nice !
x x x